Bridge Protocol - ERC2612 and ERC3009 support

The support of the ERC2612 and ERC3009 standards have been added to Bridge Protocol.

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ERC2612 allows to:

  • Pay transactions involving ERC-20 operations using the token itself rather than ETH
  • Approve and pull operations can happen in a single transaction instead of two consecutive transactions

More info on ERC2612 >

ERC3009 allows to:

  • Delegate the gas payment to someone else
  • Pay for gas in the token itself rather than in ETH
  • Perform one or more token transfers and other operations in a single atomic transaction
  • Transfer ERC-20 tokens to another address, and have the recipient submit the transaction
  • Batch multiple transactions with minimal overhead
  • Create and perform multiple transactions without having to worry about them failing due to accidental nonce-reuse or improper ordering by the miner

More info on ERC3009 >