Bridge Wallet v1.1.25 released

Bridge Wallet’s new version v1.1.25 is now available on Google Play and the App Store.

What’s new

  • App’s default network settings is now Mainnet
  • Additional currencies and assets are now listed by default
  • Simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese added as available app languages
  • Various UI improvements
  • Various bug fixes

I have linked my eth address with my MPS tokens, but it is not showing as an asset holding in the bridge wallet app.
Do I need to send the tokens to the bridge wallet address, or linking should be sufficient?

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In the next version we will display the amount of tokens held on linked addresses for more convenience.

Please note that it won’t be possible to manage (i.e. send/receive assets) linked addresses and their content, it’s only possible to view them.

The purpose of linking is to register as a shareholder without having to move your MPS, which may be on a cold storage for example. You won’t have to move your tokens to vote either, as we will provide a vote delegation feature for the upcoming shareholder assembly.

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Thank you Yann, well understood!