Bridge Wallet v1.12 released

A new version of Bridge Wallet is available on Google Play and on App Store!

What’s new

  • Bridge Wallet now supports the Binance Smart Chain, xDai and Polygon (Matic) networks. If you switch to them, their respective native token will be displayed in your “Asset” screen: XDAI, MATIC and BNB. Your Ethereum public wallet address is the same for all these networks.
  • When on the xDai network, you can now buy and sell XDAI and USDC by bank transfer.
  • There is now a min. purchase amount of 50 CHF/EUR/USD/GBP to buy cryptos by bank transfer. Since we cover the transaction cost / gas to deliver your purchase, this is a necessary (and fair :wink:) step. For those of you who have standing orders below that amount, please update them accordingly.
  • The list of fiat currencies supported to withdraw cryptos by bank transfer has been updated, due to a change from our banking partner. See all supported currencies here.
  • The app’s main screen has been reworked to only display by default the 5 cryptos available with our on/off-ramp (BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI) - plus the MPS of course - in order to be cleaner and less confusing for new users. If you had manually added other tokens in your wallet, you may have to re-add them back (tutorial).
  • You can now cancel a stuck Ethereum transaction (tutorial).
  • You can now manually adjust off-ramp gas parameters.
  • Various UI modifications to make transaction gas more understandable for the user.
  • There is now a small DCA explanation text when buying cryptos, to make it clearer that this is possible.
  • Various bug fixes