Bridge Wallet v1.13 released

A new version of Bridge Wallet is available on Google Play and on App Store!

Whatโ€™s new

:owl: Dark mode!

:globe_with_meridians: We have added a button on the main screen to switch more easily between the Bitcoin, Ethereum, BSC, Polygon and xDai networks.

:link: New method to link addresses: you now send the verification transaction to your own Bridge Wallet address.

:unlock: You now have the option to use a PIN code to log in the app instead of a password.

:clock2: You can now control the appโ€™s inactivity timeout in the settings.

:link: Various WalletConnect improvements, notably the fact that it now stays connected between transactions.

:key: Possibility to export a private key

:keyboard: Various UI/UX improvements

:beetle: Various bug fixes

:moneybag: New pricing, see detail here