Integrated accounting


One of the difficult tasks for those involved in business or even personal accounting is reconciling bank records with receipts for expenses. Every time you pay, you have to think about recovering the invoice, not losing it, and classify it until the manual reconciliation of the accounting. It’s long and tedious.

However, at the time of issuing his receipt, the merchant has all the information on the invoice (VAT etc.). He also has access to the bank by electronic means of payment (Visa, MasterCard) to transmit to it at least the price information of the transaction.

Why has no one ever considered the (optional) possibility of transmitting this structured information to the bank at the time of payment? In this way, we would have simplified some of the tedious work of accounting reconciliation.

I think it’s far from being a simple problem, but it would be very convenient :slight_smile:

Thank you for posting this suggestion!

Having taken care of a small business accounting in the past, I totally agree that would be a great feature to have with a business bank account.

Totally agree. In the best of worlds we would not even have to be receipts issued, everything would be processed and reconciled automatically and seamlessly.