Technical Token Informations

hi there,

Can you add token’s informations such as token name, type, total suplly and which permissions or actions the smart contract generate ?

Project description is quite exhaustive, but it still miss some crutials informations about the token creation and linked rights.

Thks in advance !

Hello Guillaume,

You’re absolutely right, thanks for the feedback!

Here’s what we can add:

  • Token name
  • Token symbol
  • Token type
  • Contract address
  • Total supply
  • Circulating supply
  • Issuance platform
  • Transfer restrictions
  • Ownership restrictions
  • Ownership rights / benefits

Would you think of any other useful info?

Hi Yann,

Thks for your reply, you could aggregate industry analysis and projections and maybe aggregate others metrics such as visibility ect. Take exemple on . But token name symbol ect. are first nessecity actually :slight_smile: